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Public Notice

November 10, 2022

The Brookwood Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public meeting at the GG Hardin Center located inside the City of Brookwood Park at, 15689 Hwy 216 Brookwood, Alabama at 6:00 pm on November 10, 2022. 

Any person so desiring may appear at the above said time and place in support or opposition to, the matters under consideration.  The following items will be on the agenda:

Amendments to the City of Brookwood Zoning Ordinance to include the following areas:

Adoption of new zoning map, to include numerous changes in zoning classifications primarily meant to address the large number of variances in the City and to establish more defined commercial corridors.

Addition of a “Dual Zoning Classification” provision within the Ordinance that will allow for properties to receive both Residential and Commercial zoning classifications that will allow the use of the property to dictate the classification.

Changes to the City zoning ordinance’s commercial classification to more fully encompass all commercial uses of property within the City and to simplify the need to rezone between the two classifications.  

Changes in residential lot sizes and setbacks.

Copies of the proposed amendments to the Ordinance (including the zoning map) as amended, are on display at the Town Hall and will be available for public inspection between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  The full text of the proposed amendments are attached hereto for review at this location, however it is requested that any member of the public that wishes to have a copy come by Town Hall and request one. 

Please do NOT remove the copy attached hereto.


It is important to note that no vote will occur at this public meeting, this is simply a chance for the Citizens of Brookwood to be better informed as to the upcoming changes to the Ordinance and to voice any opinions they may have on the subject prior to the scheduling of a vote on these changes. 

If person with disabilities needs special accommodations or auxiliary aids for participation at the hearing, please contact the Town Hall at 205 556-1300 at least twenty-four hours in advance.

Brookwood Planning & Zoning Commission

James Kamalsky

Board President

Posted _______________________

Sec. 6-16  Multiple Zoning Classifications 

  • Intent.  Pursuant to the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Brookwood, Alabama there may be properties and/or areas that are classified with more than one district classification.  In this instance the property may not be used for purposes that would otherwise fit under each of its zoning district classifications at the same time.  The property owner shall select the classification that the property will exist under for the use contemplated and the property shall be subject to all the regulations and conditions as contained within that district’s classification within the zoning ordinance. 

This classification can be changed at any time without requesting a rezoning or the filing of any other petition related to zoning.  Any and all other Federal, State, and Municipal laws and regulations would still need to be complied with. 

As an example, a property may have the classification on the zoning map as RS-1 (Single Family Residential) and C-2 (General Highway Commercial).  In that instance, the property owner may elect to use the property commercially after complying with any and all laws and regulations surrounding such use.  If that use is selected, the property would need to comply with all the regulations of any C-2 property under this Ordinance.  Should the commercial use cease, the owner can then use the property in a manner that would classify it as single family residential (given its RS-1 zoning classification).  At no point can the property be used in a manner that would encompass both zoning classifications at the same time.  Any determinations as to this will be made by the Zoning Coordinator and appealable through the processes contained within this Ordinance to the Planning and Zoning Commission and eventually the Town Council. 

Sec. 5-4.  C-2 General Highway Commercial District

    5-4.1.   Intent.  This district is intended to accommodate a variety of general commercial and non-residential uses characterized primarily by retail, office and service establishments and oriented primarily to those areas wherein this type of use is contemplated by the zoning map.  Certain related structures and uses are permitted outright or are permissible as special exceptions subject to the restrictions and requirements intended to best fulfill the intent of this ordinance.  It is not the intent of this ordinance to encourage the development of long, narrow strips of commercial development fronting on major arteries, often referred to as strip commercial areas, but rather to accommodate and control commercial uses which are existing.


    5-4.2    Permitted principal uses and structures.  The following uses and structures are permitted in the C-2 General Highway Commercial District.


    (1)       Adult care facility.

    (2)       Appliance sales and repair (household).

    (3)       Arcade.

    (4)       Bait shop.

    (5)       Business or vocational school, not of industrial nature.

    (6)       Catering.

    (7)       Church.

    (8)       Coffee shop.

    (9)       Community service structure.

    (10)     Computer sales and service.

    (11)     Courier service.

    (12)     Cosmetic store.

    (13)     Day care center.

    (14)     Delicatessen.

    (15)     Drug store.

    (16)     Financial and lending institution, title company, mortgage company (excluding consumer finance company, title loan company, etc.).

    (17)     Florist.

    (18)     General retail or variety store.

    (19)     Government office.

    (20)     Grocery store.

    (21)     Hardware store.

    (22)     Health club, gym, exercise facility.

    (23)     Instruction for the performing arts and discipline.

    (24)     Jewelry store.

    (25)     Laundromat.

    (26)     Medical, dental and health related office, clinic, and lab.

    (27)     Nursing home.

    (28)     Pet grooming.

    (29)     Post office.

    (30)     Professional office (lawyers, architects, engineers, real estate, insurance, accountants, etc.)

    (31)     Barber/beauty shop.

    (32)     Shoe repair.

    (33)     Dry cleaning and laundry pick-up station.

    (34)     Tailoring and dress making.

    (35)     Restaurant, fast food without drive-in, eating and drinking establishment without drive-in.

    (37)     Sporting goods store.

    (38)     Tanning salon.

    (39)     Video rental/sales.

    (40)     Yogurt/ice cream shop.

    (41)     Retail establishments.

    (42)     Automobile service stations and service and repair establishments that meet the following:

    a.         Service areas must be indoor and contain no more than 10,000 square feet of space;

    b.         Exterior storage areas must be fenced, screened, located on the side of or in the rear of the main building and must be used only for temporary storage of items under repair.

    (43)     Financial institutions, business and professional offices; secondary warehouse uses permitted only by special exception.

    (44)     Eating and drinking establishments.

    (45)     Commercial recreation and entertainment structures and uses, such as theaters, bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, nightclubs, firearm training and recreation facilities, other private sports training facilities, and the like.

    (46)     Hotels and motels.

    (47)     Commercial parking lots and parking garages.

    (48)     Commercial printing and job printing establishments.

    (49)     Radio stations, T.V. Stations.

    (50)     Veterinary establishments and kennels provided that all animals are kept within suitably designed, soundproofed, air-conditioned buildings.

    (51)     Funeral homes.

    (52)     Business and vocational schools not involving operations of an industrial nature.

    (53)     Medical and health related centers, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and offices.

    (54)     Community service structures and uses such as community service centers, libraries, fire stations, civic, cultural, or indoor recreational uses.

    (55)     Churches and other places of worship, including educational buildings related thereto.

    (56)     Clubs, lodges, social, and fraternal organizations.

    (57)     Cold storage, freezer locker facilities, but no animal slaughter or food processing.

    (58)     Shopping centers and malls.

    (59)     Drive-in-theater, provided that no portion of the premises shall be less than 500 feet from any residential district.

    (60)     Marinas and related facilities, not involving outside storage.

    (61)     Automobile washing facility.

    (62)     Tire recapping plant, not involving outside storage.

    (63)     Sale lots for mobile homes, trailers, vehicles, heavy watercraft and similar merchandise that requires outside display; all such lots shall be limited to 500 feet of highway road frontage.

    (64)     Sales lots for vehicles, heavy equipment, watercraft and similar merchandise that requires outside display; all such lots shall be limited to 500 feet of highway road frontage.

    (65)     Temporary fireworks stands subject to the provision of Section 6-9.

    (66)     Laundromats.

    (67)     Photo studios, art studios, art galleries, art sales, interior design studios, craft studios, craft sales, antique shops, establishments for teaching of music, dancing and other performing arts.

    (68)     Personal service establishments limited to the following uses:

    a.         Barber shops and beauty shops.

    b.         Shoe repair shops.

    c.         Dry cleaning and laundry pickup stations.

    d.         Tailoring and dressmaking shops.


    5-4.3.   Permitted accessory uses and structures. The following accessory uses and structures shall be permitted in the C-2 General Highway Commercial District:

    (1)       Structures and uses which:

    a.         Are customarily accessory and clearly incidental and subordinate to permitted principal uses and structures;

    b.         Are located on the same lot as the permitted principal use structure, or on a contiguous lot in the same ownership;

    c.         Do not involve operations not in keeping with the character of the area, or of a nature prohibited under Section 5-4.5 “Prohibited uses and structures”.

    5-4.4.   Permitted special exceptions.  After public notice and hearing and subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards, the Board of Adjustment may, in its discretion, permit as special exceptions the following:

    (1)       Personal service establishments not permitted outright under section 5-4.2 above.

    (2)       Drive-in eating and drinking establishments, provided that it shall be determined that the characteristics of such establishments will be compatible with nearby uses and that appropriate conditions and safeguards as deemed necessary may be placed upon the characteristics of operation of such establishments.

    (3)       Commercial recreational and entertainment structures and uses such as theaters and bowling alleys, provided that such uses are housed in structures and are of such a size and situation that they are not likely to be incompatible with nearby residential zoning districts, and further provided that the Board of Adjustment shall specifically determine that the characteristics of such establishments will be compatible with nearby zoning districts and that appropriate conditions and safeguards as deemed necessary may be placed upon the characteristics of operations of such establishments.

    (4)       Day nurseries and kindergartens, subject to the provisions of Section 6-6.

    (5)       Convenience store with or without gasoline sales.

    (6)       Dry cleaner, laundry plant.

    (7)       Unified shopping center or mall.

    (8)       Upholstering and refinishing business.

    5-4.5.   Prohibited uses and structures. The following uses and structures are prohibited in the C-2 General Highway Commercial District:

    (1)       Any use other than as provided under Section 5-4.2 “Permitted principal uses and structures,” Section 5-4.3 “Permitted accessory uses and structures,” or in as permitted by Section 5-4.4 “Permitted special exceptions,” shall be deemed a prohibited use and/or structure.

    (2)       Manufacturing or industrial uses.

    (3)       Use or storage of mobile homes.

    (4)       Manufactured home, mobile homes, modular homes, and trailers as offices.

    Minimum lot area.  All permitted and permissible uses and structures:  No minimum lot area shall be required except as needed to meet requirements herein.

    Minimum lot width.  All permitted and permissible uses and structures:  No minimum lot width shall be required except as needed to meet requirements herein.

    Minimum yard requirements.  Minimum yard requirements for all structures and uses in the C-2 General Highway Commercial District shall be as set forth below:

    (1)       Front:  20 feet

    (2)       Side:  No side yard is required if buildings are built to side lot line, otherwise at least three feet of side yard width is required, provided, however, that where a lot zoned C-2 is contiguous to a residential zone, a side yard of not less than 15 feet shall be provided on the side contiguous to the residential zone and shall comply with the provisions of Section 6-12.2(1).

    (3)       Rear:

    a.         Permitted and permissible principal structures:  10 feet.

    b.         Permitted accessory structures:  5 feet, except where abutting residentially zoned property, in which case a minimum 15 foot rear yard will be required and the provisions of Section 6-12.2(1) shall be complied with.

    Maximum lot coverage by all buildings.  Maximum lot to floor ratio shall be 80 percent in the C-2 General Highway Commercial District.

    Maximum height of structures.

    (1)       Buildings less than 40 feet in height are permitted outright.

    (2)       Heights for buildings over 40 feet shall be permitted as determined by the Board of Adjustment.

    Minimum off-street parking and loading requirements.  Off-street parking and loading requirements as set forth in Article VI shall be met.

    Signs.  Signs are permitted in the C-2 General Highway Commercial District only in accordance with the provisions of Article VII, Regulations of Signs.